A $20 donation can mean a backpack, notebooks and pens. A $40 donation can mean all of that and school uniforms. For $60, you can ensure that a student can be totally ready to start the school year off right.

What your donation covers


Your year-long sponsorship of a student will cover all school fees, uniforms, materials, transportation costs, as well as costs for FUNDAHMER to oversee the program and support students and families. FUNDHAMER, our partner organization is a non-profit based in San Salvador.


With bi-weekly workshops, check-ins, service experiences, and social events, FUNDAHMER provides an essential service to our scholarship recipients. First of all, they do this by being an example of an educated person for these young people, whose parents have never had the opportunity to go to school themselves. Through its many programs, youth gatherings, and overnight experiences, FUNDAHMER both models and helps young people to develop the necessary skills, attitudes, and life habits to be a successful student and a contributing adult in the life of the community. FUNDAHMER staff members are trained professionals who bring years of experience in community development, education, and emergency relief. Please see the cost breakdown below:


80% of your donation: Scholarships (school fees and all other student costs)

20% of your donation: Workshops, check-ins, youth gatherings, student training, transportation, etc.


Every year of schooling that these kids receive moves them further and further away from the life of poverty to which they are destined without our help. This is the plain truth: without us, the kids you see on this page would not be attending school right now. In fact, every one of the kids that are in our program are there because they have been supported by us. In the fall of 2016 we celebrated a first: two students in our program have graduated from high school and will begin college in early 2011. Not only is this a first for Family to Family, but also for the two villages we work with. These are the first high school graduates in either village.

El Salvador through the eyes of Brophy Students

A Few Donation Options to Choose From

Since we’re all about families, we’ve tried hard to make being a part of Family to Family as flexible as possible. Here are a number of ways you and your family can participate:


Option 1: Full Sponsorship

The annual cost to sponsor a middle-school student is $550 ($45 per month). The annual cost to sponsor a high-school student is $1200 ($100 per month). The annual cost to sponsor a college student is $2000 ($175 per month). With this option come two choices: you can make a one-time donation, or donate monthly.


Option 2: Donate Any Amount

Family to Family is very happy to accept one-time donations, or monthly donations of any amount.


Family to Family Foundation is a Section 501(c)(3) charitable organization, donations are tax deductible.

Or mail us a check and avoid PayPal transaction fees! Mail to 3343 East Wier Avenue Phoenix, Arizona 85040